Cross Stitch News #1

If I can stay on schedule, I thought I would start a weekly Wednesday blog post containing snippets of cross stitch news from around the interwebs. =)

1.)  First, we’ll start off with a post from the Needleprint blog … Stitched Treasures from Enngerloh Distillery, Germany.

About 40 miles north-east of Dortmund in Ennigerloh is a wonderful collection of stitched treasures housed in the lovely old distillery. This collection of historical needlework comes from the collection of Monika Schmillenkamp who you can see in the picture below.

The post contains great photographs of the various needlework done by the school girls of the area.

2.)  Next … ummm, are you a fan of Final Fantasy? I’m not a gamer, but I think it’s a famous RPG type game. Well, someone created a cross stitched Monopoly game board of Final Fantasy III.

If you like playing Monopoly and Final Fantasy I have so got  the project for you: a cross-stitched version of the board game! Sprite Stitch user jadely made the game as part of a stitching swap. The board and tokens were stitched by hand and the cards (deed cards, etc) were printed.

3.)  Here’s a new spin on the boring old mesh desk sets … and it’s one YOU create! From Camille Styles is DIY: Last Stitch Effort. Great photographs take you step by step. So very easy!

Since Lisa Frank is no longer deemed stylish, I set out to fix this problem DIY style, and discovered a new appreciation for standard steel mesh office supplies. Turns out the mesh makes the perfect canvas for cross-stitching, and since these supplies are super cheap, it’s a quick and fun way to give your workspace an instant facelift. I had so much fun working on this project that I had to share the step-by-step with all of you.

4.)  Great ready for winter with your own crossed stitched fireplace … complete with a nice roaring flame. takes you step by step, with photographs.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

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